A Leap of Faith – Trusting in God


In every life there are turning points. Crossroads.

Sometimes we shift our course in direction. And these crossroads contain decisions about relationships, interests, education and career. Some turning points are conscious; others less so. Sometimes family, friends or other persuasive people impose them upon us. But all involve turning away from one path, and towards another.

Each of these turning points, these crossroads, shape and define us along the way. And in almost every instance, they require a leap of faith.

And a lot of trust in God.

For the past couple of months I have been inspired with the thought that it’s time to make some changes in my life. Some important tweaks and alterations.

Basically, I have been considering quitting my job, so that I can focus more time on some things that require my attention. This includes helping to care more for my mother, continuing to write the book I have been working on, and removing myself from the world a bit more.

But beyond the list of things I need to focus on, I feel a strong call to take a “time-out.” A sabbatical to reboot and re-energize my life. A step back so I can refocus my life on what is truly important.

A Leap of Faith

I’ve mostly kept these thoughts to myself over the past few months, and have been praying for God’s inspiration and guidance.

From a rational and practical standpoint, it seems quite foolish. Give up a steady income, the ability to pay my bills consistently, just so I can take a “time out?”

Or how about these:

Will I be able to find employment again after my sabbatical is over?

Will I be able to pay my home mortgage and not lose my home?

What if emergencies happen that require money? Home or health emergencies?

And the more and more I pondered these questions, I kept coming back to one realization. All of my concerns focused on one thing: money.

And yes, in a sense, money is very important. We need it to pay our bills, help others, and to afford the necessities in life.

But should I base my decision solely from a financial standpoint?

I have been praying to God for inspiration and signs to help me make the decision. After all, a decision this big could only come from Him. And I was personally leaning towards just staying with the status quo out of my fears.

And in the end, God gave me the signs I needed to make an informed decision that I never would have been able to make on my own.

Trust in God

I decided to put my full faith and trust in God to take care of me. He always has, so why wouldn’t He now?

And my answer was as simple as that. A leap of faith, by trusting solely in God.

Time is much more valuable than money – because all the money in the world will never buy us time. And I need to appreciate, and make the most of, one of our most uncertain and precious commodities, the time we are each given by God to live on this Earth.

So, I did it. A leap of faith.

I gave my employer my notice, and made a few practical plans on how to survive financially with no income for the next six months to year of my life.

Wait! Not so fast!

My employer had an option, an alternative.

How would I feel about working part-time, at home?

Honestly, the thought of it never crossed my mind. I never thought of it as a viable option. But by doing this, I can still focus on taking better care of my mother. It will provide me with the extra time I need to complete my book. And it will remove me from the outside influences of the world, so I can spend more time praying and hopefully growing in holiness.

Of course I said yes to this kind, generous counter-offer. I mean, I’m not completely daft.

And in the end the thing that struck me the most profoundly was how well God took care of me – in spite of myself. And that by making this leap of faith, and putting my complete trust in Him, even when the idea seemed perhaps foolish…God derived a plan that I never would have thought of on my own, and it was the best solution.

Letting God Lead the Way

This experience has taught me some good lessons.

First and foremost, when we place our confidence and trust in God, not only do we make better decisions, we live a much more happy and peaceful life. Because the more we love and trust in God, the more peace and happiness He brings to us. Why? Because we are letting Him do His job – running the show. We cannot do that on our own.

All of our intelligence, strength, and every good that we are given, is provided to us from God.

I’m also learning that my trust in God should never be shaken or altered by the judgments of worldly-minded people. It is never God who lets me down, only me that fails Him, when I don’t put my full confidence in Him. And when I leave it to myself to govern my life, I normally end up slipping and failing, and making decisions that aren’t always the best.

And if we truly believe in God … truly believe He wants and desires the best for us … how can we not put everything into His hands? Or at least … try?

In life, we should do our best to never let any person, event, or any major life decision ever shake our trust in God. Whether it is a major leap of faith, or an every-day decision.

Because regardless of the outcome, we can always rest and take comfort in knowing that He sent us only what is best for us, at that precise moment in our lives.

And at this precise moment in my life, I’m leaping!

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