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Shrine of Padre Pio – San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, 2014

Hi, I’m Alan Scott.

Grow in Virtue is a blog about the journey towards a life filled with more virtue, faith, simplicity, generosity, and far less complexity. All held together by a love for God. It is my account of the personal joys and struggles that we all seem to have in common, written with a hope to challenge and inspire you.

I’m a writer and blogger, and my work has been published on the Catholic Exchange, One Peter FiveThe Stream, and I’m listed on Top Catholic Blogs. I’m also writing my first book, which I hope to publish this year.

I call this site “Grow in Virtue”…the journey to union with God.




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  1. Colleen Rockwell

    As a mom of two older daughters and now one teenage son, life is busy, “in a good way”, and sometimes filled with daily trials. This morning I found your site and read your “Three minute Meditation” blog. It brought me to an instant sense of God’s presence and I was able to reflect on the virtue of prudence (an area in which I mostly struggle). I shall continue to stay connected to your site…thank you and God bless you!

  2. Ree

    God’s timing! Last night I got a jarring response from a trusted pastor about my frustration with the slow pace of a parish project that has not taken off after one and a half years. The leader is “frozen” in his track. I have the work experience to help him and am doing it, but he wants to proceed in his way, and not in collaboration with the team. I asked this trusted retired pastor for advice and he said, “leave the project.” That was an option I had not considered. Perseverance is something I practice, but not always in the virtuous sense. This is what I interpreted from from reading his response. Then this morning I read your article which turned my focus to contemplate further
    : “Am I persevering for the glory of God, or to get my way?” Thank you!

    1. Alan Scott

      Ree, turn it over to God, and let Him purify your intentions. It really is the best way. I struggle with this myself often, but in the end when I choose this route, I always know I have made the best decision. God bless!

    1. Alan Scott

      Wow, thanks Terry for the kind words. I’m continually excited and humbled by the amount of people that have shown their interest in this site, and it continue to grows by the day. Please pray for God to keep inspiring me with more topics that help people! And thanks for your support!


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